GILLINGHAM'S Twitter Admin Has Had a Nightmare

The accidental tweet has since been canceled, but the hilarious misunderstanding has left soccer fans in the lurch. The "Gillingham FC Tickets" account keeps Gills fans up to date on access to matches. But when the Twitter account tried to provide fans with the latest ticket information about the Papa John's Trophy clash with League 1 Charlton, they somehow managed to make a strange mistake. Instead of sending the tweet to all of his followers, Gillingham FC Tickets replied to a tweet. And the post they replied to was about a woman wearing a tight top with bare nipples - and she proudly stated that she wasn't wearing a bra. The woman's tweet read, "No bra still hot mom?" The unintentionally hilarious response from the Gillingham account reads: "Collections can be made on Wednesday evenings at the Charlton Guest Box Office just outside the Guest Turnstiles." The bizarre exchange left football fans in awe. A fan drew attention to the tweet, writing, "What the f*** ahahahahaha."