Klopp says Liverpool should have beaten Man Utd if they had played 'a little bit better' at Old Trafford but has injury concerns

Klopp defended his side's performance despite their first league defeat at Old Trafford since March 2018, insisting Liverpool had "played the game we wanted to play" after Jadon Sancho's 16th-minute opener. "Conceding the second one doesn't help, and then we score ours and then it's a hectic game with a lot of interruptions - and not the result we wanted. "Maybe they were [sharper], that's not right of course but when we calmed down we were there. We had an extreme number of shots for an away game at United, we should use more of these moments if we do that. "Even with our situation, but playing a little bit better, if we were a little more convinced about what we do we should've won this game. I know it sounds ridiculous, but that's how I see it." Liverpool were again left without a number of their first-team players with Thiago, Joel Matip, and Ibrahima Konate all missing and Fabinho only on the bench for the Reds' biggest test of the season so far. Klopp has previously said he does not plan to enter the transfer market for reinforcements but after the defeat at Old Trafford left Liverpool with two points from their first three games, he admitted his concern over their injury list and results. "It's obvious we are in a tricky situation injury-wise, we get through the week with 14-15 senior players available, we have to make sure none of them get injured because there are no real options left anymore," he added. "I'm concerned about our situation, it's not easy at the moment but that's how it is. We prepare now for Bournemouth, Newcastle, and Everton - that's how it is. We can play better, we know that, but we had a lot of good moments and performances today. "Liverpool didn't deserve to win this game," he said. "If they'd got the 2-2 back towards the end it would've been a great point, but it wouldn't have felt like justice within the stadium. "Sometimes we look at stats and look at them and use them a lot, if you looked at them tonight without watching the game you'd think Liverpool dominated Manchester United. It didn't feel like that watching it. "When a team goes 1-0 or 2-0 up they'll drop off and say come and break us down, especially against Liverpool because you know at this moment they're having problems breaking teams down, and you can always get at them on the counter-attack. "That is a big problem for Liverpool at the moment, too often teams are getting through. Even when Liverpool was in possession tonight, I still felt Man Utd was more dangerous. "Liverpool didn't deserve anything from the game."